Sunday, May 31, 2015


May 31st

Winter has set in. It is time that we were moving north. Packing and general preparations are progressing well in readiness for our departure on June 16th. We do not have a lot of room so there are decisions to be Which WA Wild Flower book will I pack? The one which fits best into the book slot in the cabin will travel with us. There are many things to decide on. After all we will be living in this one vehicle for 8 weeks. There will be some Super Market facilities along the way but many will be quite limited in the food available. John and I are both looking forward to our annual trip away from home.
We are fortunate to be travelling with Beth & John Harrison who are experienced desert travellers. They live at Lake Tyers on the Gippsland Lakes. We will meet them NW of Mildura, June 17th, for our first night out together. It will be cold. Even when we reach more northern areas the nights can be very cold and sometimes frosty. Hopefully there will not be too many rain bands coming across Australia in the next few months.
I will attach the map that John has generated showing both black and red lines. The black lines indicate the roads on which we have already travelled. The red line is the route we plan to travel on this year.