Sunday, November 17, 2013

Much later..November

This map shows Safari 2013 in red. The remaining dark lines indicate our trips from previous years.


  1. June I am a friend of your cousin Cynthia who urged me to read your blog. I loved it and am amazed at your map. This years trip covered roads we have not traveled, but we also have a well coloured road atlas. Now i plan to read your earlier blogs. Well done.

  2. Thank you June for your wonderful journal. I am a good dyeing friend of Denise Matthews.. She sent me your blog site and I have spent the afternoon reading it. We explored the south-west from Sept through to Nov last year and were amazed, delighted etc, with the wild flowers. They were incredible. We did small amount of bush camping but our caravan is not really equiped for 4wheel drive roads. Have you used the leaves you collected yet and with what success? Your writings brought back so many memories
    Lee Higgins