Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Safari 2018 June19th

June 19th  Darby's Falls Reserve

We left our caravan at the Darby’s Falls Reserve and back tracked to see the Wyangala Dam Reserve which is large and interesting with many cabins for accommodation and many caravan and tent sites. The Dam Wall is quite huge being 1.5 kms across. Unfortunately we were unaware that we could have walked along it…maybe next time!

We tracked back to the caravan, hooked up again and traveled on to Cowra which is quite a hilly town with a population of a little over 10,000 people.

The country continues to be hilly and undulating with a dominance of granite boulders which vary in size but would certainly make it practically impossible to cultivate for cropping. Sheep are the main farming pursuit. 
Windfarm overooking the out flow of the Cancoar Dam.

From Cowra we have traveled north east to the Carcoar Dam. This is much smaller than the Wyangala Dam. The Cancoar Reserve is available for camping. It is cold and breezy this evening so we will be glad of our generator to provide for some heating.

Across the Dam there are 7 large wind towers turning in this evening’s wind. They make a constant hum in the background but not enough to stop us sleeping I am sure.

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