Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Safari 2018 June 27th, 28th & 29th.

Reflections over Myall Lakes
 June 27th   Myall Lakes

We have taken nearly all day to drive the 123km from Port Stephens, through Tea Gardens and Hawkes Nest to the Mungo Brush Camping Ground in the Myall Lakes National Park. It is a lovely spot on the lakes with nearby waves of the Pacific Ocean on the other side of the sand dunes. It is a very narrow spit which we will explore tomorrow as well as several of the walking tracks. Surprisingly there are quite a lot of other campers near us. ..some with bicycles others with canoes. They should have fun tomorrow.
The reflection in the Lake is magnificent with mountains and clouds and water.
We have booked for three nights so we will decide tomorrow how long our stay will be.

Banksias in the Myall Lakes National Park

June 28th, This is a lovely spot so we will spend 3 nights here. The grass is clean and mown. There are a large number of walks that are available. Many go through the bush to the Ocean which today is Indigo blue in colour. The beaches are clean and long so plenty of opportunity for walking. The bush is interesting as it is so different to our bush in NE Victoria. Banksia trees are large and strong as are the Melaleuca trees with their bark peeling off in lengthy sheets. One distinctive and tall tree with salmon coloured bark on the trunk is an Angophera which is a very close cousin of the Eucalypt family. The distinctive feature is the lack of 'eucalypt' smell in the leaves which are very similar in shape to a eucalypt leaf. There are many birds which can be heard and seen...Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos which are very noisy, Blue Faced Honeyeaters, Kookaburras, Willy Wagtails, and Magpies are just a few. We have not identified them all despite hearing many of them.
Very dark clouds this evening with some thunder which produced a good shower of rain.

Cabbage Palms

One of the Walking tracks which we followed out to the beach.

 June 29th 
The morning dawned clear and blue so we set aside our day to complete some of the nearby walking tracks. We packed our lunch and walked out to another area of Lake Myall. It was very wet under foot but the bush, was again, spectacular. With banksias in bloom, very tall palms, meleleucas, salmon trunked angopheras and strangler vines. 

 We will move further north tomorrow, but this evening we have had the most colourful sunset over the lake.


  1. Fantastic sunset June
    Hope the weather is a bit warmer than the

  2. June
    Just posted a comment,I will try again.Fantastic sunset
    Hope the weather is milder than the northeast.