Friday, July 1, 2022

Safari 2022 June 28th & 29th


What great day we have enjoyed with a variety of things happening during the day. Prior to lunch we called in at the Nocoleche Nature Reserve on the Paroo River. We walked into the river through the bush where we could easily see many, many pelicans. They were on the river ‘sailing’ along, then feeding as they swam and then spectacularly, they flew or soared together high in the sky. There must have been 200 or 300 of these magnificent birds. There were a few black cormorants and herons amongst them as well. I had never seen so many pelicans together. By now it was nearly lunch time, so we set off to find a spot to eat along the road north.

After visiting Wanaaring, we headed north to Hungerford Hill where we have found a very suitable campsite in the bush near the Currawinya National Park. Late in the day we crossed the border into Queensland. We are near a lake which will hopefully provide some water to wash clothes tomorrow. We plan to have several days here. The countryside is very different from what we have in NE Victoria. The country here has some low hills, but mainly it is flat There are Yapunyip trees, Eucalypt trees and acacias which can also be called Mulgas. The second day at this camp site was actually a ‘lay’ day which meant we attended to jobs about camp, our caravan and truck. During the afternoon while we were sitting outside our van a rather plump bird came to visit. I stated that it was a night heron, which proved to be correct. In fact it was probably a juvenile. It came very close to us and wandered around the camp…remarkably tame but not interested in a crumb of bread to eat.

Late in the day John and I went for a drive to the Granites which are very large boulders. We walked a short distance to them and walked around them. They are large and somewhat dangerous to walk on. There are quite a number of wild flowers in bloom throughout the bush areas

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