Monday, June 27, 2022

Safari 2022 June 27th


The day has been much cooler and windy. It was good to come down from the rocky mountainous spot we had camped on. Our first call was in White Cliffs to buy some food stuffs. There was very little available so we will need to be frugal until the next food shop. While in White Cliffs we visited an Opal Mining Establishment. The owner was knowledgeable about opals so we learnt quite a lot from his display. The opal that I have, was found at Lightening Ridge. It is different from the White Cliff Opals. Both the markings and colours are different. He was very confident that it had come from Lightening Ridge as I have always believed. We lunched along the way and continued on to a spot north of Paroo National Park. We enjoyed a short walk  north of Peery Lake. We travelled a little further on and camped at a spot called ‘White Tank’. The evening is cool and we will certainly be eating and cooking inside.


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