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Safari 2018 June 30th

June 30th 2018  
   Treachery Campb

The day dawned clear blue over the Myall Lakes. We have continued north with the first challenge to cross an arm of Lake Myall on a Car Ferry. The chap ahead of us parked his car and new Jayco Camper in a very crooked position. We were guided on by the Ferry Operator but got too close to the Camper. The owner was a little stressed and even had to take his sweater off because he was over heated. Eventually John was able to guide our rig onto the Ferry without scraping the new Camper or our Jayco. I think the onlookers at the other end were actually cheering us!

Seal Rocks Lighthouse 
After shopping at Buladelah for necessary groceries we continued on to Seal Rocks and then Treachery Camp where we found a spot under a forest of very tall Melaleuca trees. The Camp is close to the beach and quite extensive with a large  amount of freedom to cater for ‘surfy’ type life styles. Our clothes and rig are nor quite right for this type of camping spot.We walked across deep sand and dunes to a surfing beach which was long, wide and clean.

Late in the afternoon we drove back to see the Seal Rocks Settlement which is small and suitable for a small number of holiday visitors. Lastly we drove out to the Sugarloaf  Lighthouse which was built during the 1870s. It was built to assist ships with the dangerous conditions in the surrounding seas. It is a magnificent structure along with the homes which were built to house the Lighthouse keeper and his family. We climbed as far as we could up the stairway of the lighthouse. From the viewing platform we saw about 5 whales playing in the ocean waters...always a great sight. Sorry the lighthouse appears to be tilted....perhaps the photographer was in the same condition!
 Sausages for dinner this evening..cooked outside on the 'barbie'
PS  Our evening was unexpectedly quiet...we slept for 9 or 10 hours  

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