Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Safari 2018 August 14th

West Wyalong Showgrounds August 14th

The day dawned at minus 1 degree with fog through the park and across Lake Burrendong.
Our day has run quite smoothly as we travelled across country to Forbes where we did our shopping to fill our refrigerator at 'Kyamba'. As we moved south today the hills and farms look much greener which was a real pleasure to see. A little rain has fallen over night.

Lake Forbes with pelicans and ducks
 We enjoyed our picnic lunch on the banks of Lake Forbes. Ducks and pelicans enjoyed the sun as well as the many visitors having lunch. It is quite a feature in the town.

Tonight we have set up camp, our last night, in the West Wyalong Showgrounds.  There are quite a number of caravans camped within this very large area. The buildings are rather dilapidated
and would need quite a lot of refreshing before the Annual Show.

There were a couple of startling events today...one was a large truck coming at us on the left hand side of the road. The driver must surely have had a little nap. Luckily he corrected his travel and swerved back to the correct lane. 

The other surprise came as I stepped up to take the photo of the red flowers of the Leucoxylon. Luckily I glanced down to where I would step. There was a long black snake..amazing really. At further inspection I could see that it was a long piece of black cotton rope...but for all the world like a serpent....very long and thin. John completely agreed that it looked like a snake..some trickster had put it in a very realistic position! 

The incident actually reminded me of the day that a young student of mine placed a snake strategically on the step of the Milawa class room where I was teaching. That small boy was told in very strong words to NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. This boy was about 6 or 7 years at the time...surprise, surprise it was John's youngest brother!! (That did not earn many points at all) 

 Tomorrow we have about 270km to travel to reach Milawa. I am looking forward to returning home now...to check how the frost has affected my plants and to live in a larger space again.

Eucalyptus Leucoxylon

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