Monday, August 13, 2018

Safari 2018 August 13th

August 13th

 Camping Resort at Lake Burrendong Reflections Park

Lake Burrendong at sunset
  Our day began with a white frost of minus 4 deg which proves to be difficult when camping. Luckily there were no rules forbidding generators so we did have some warmth. The drive today, from Chaffey Dam has been interesting apart from the devastating conditions of 'drought'. The further south we have come the better the country has looked. We drove for about 372 km and have finally settled at the Reflections Caravan Park, on Lake Burrendong, south of Dubbo. The drive was interesting along country roads instead of the Highways. It is a very pretty spot but would be quite delightful with warmer weather. What a pity it is so cold this evening. The nearby very dry hills were most attractive in the evening light. I think the orange coloured hill in my photo is suffering from the very dry conditions.

June leaning on the Black Stump
During the day we stopped at the Black Stump Rest stop which is an historic point of interest north of Coolah.
During the 1830s this locality was know as as 'Beyond the Black Stump', similar expressions were often referred to as the 'Back of Beyond', 'Outback' or in 'Never Never Land' !

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