Friday, August 10, 2018

Safari 2018 August 10th

  Kookaburra Camping and Caravan Park at Deepwater south of Tenterfield.

August 10th
Granite Bluff on the way across the Range.

We have sent most of the day travelling about 240km from the coast, over the Great Dividing Range to this lovely open park. It is cool this evening as we are still quite high in the foot hills  on the western side of the Range. One very noticeable aspect of our day was just how quickly the properties became so very dry including this one here where we have camped. Yellow wattle has been very dominant in the bush.


The Kookaburra Camp is still at a developmental stage but amenities are excellent. The camping ground is undulating with open forest. We are camped under some Eucalypt trees a little away from other campers. Fire places and wood are provided so it will be steak for dinner cooked over the fire. This is a change because we have not been allowed to have a fire or there has been no wood to collect.

Also in this camping ground there is a group of friends who belong to a 4WD Club who are on an organised trip. They were very friendly and invited us over to join them around a huge fire. The evening had become very cold so we did not stay long. We are now preparing for a much colder night! A frost seems likely.

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