Thursday, August 2, 2018

Safari 2018 August 2nd & 3rd

August 2nd  Lennox Heads Reflections Holiday Park

The sugar Industry...the cane & the Processing Plant
The drive north this morning was interesting as we travelled very close to the Richmond River which we crossed on a Punt costing us $12.50.The road was very close to the fields of Sugar cane on one side of the road with the wide waters of the River on the other. Most houses are built up high either on stilts or on a small rise of approx. 1 metre. Flooding must  be a regular occurrence. The sugar processing plant looked spectacular as it produced a huge plume of steam in the cool morning air.
We drove through the township of Ballina which has a population of nearly 25,000 people. The actual Shopping Centre is very busy, especially for a vehicle and caravan which are only passing through.

We followed the busy hilly road eventually to Lennox Head where we are booked into a Reflections Park which is very tidy and clean and close to the beach. Our first point of exploration was the IGA store, then we walked out to the Lookout. This was disappointing because of the very smokey pollution along the sea horizon. Generally the beach is wide and clean and hopefully we will explore it tomorrow.

Smokey horizon at Lennox Head beach

 August 3rd 

We are enjoying this park which is directly over the road from the beach and facing Lake Ainsworth on the northern side. It is quite a large lake and calm today with a group of School students practising their boating skills on its waters. 
Incidentally the horizon is much clearer today and the water a deep blue now the sun has emerged from the clouds and light rain we had in the night and early today.
We have had a lazy day with stitching, reading and a late morning walk. We drove to Ballina this afternoon in search of a suitable Bank for John to do business with. I had searched for a 'stitching/fabric' shop and John researched the address but when we finally found it the doors looked to be permanently closed. Tonight we will dine at a Bowls Club here in Lennox Head.

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