Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Safari 2019 September 3rd

Tuesday September 3rd 2019

This mornings drive east and south has again been interesting. We followed gravel roads from Robertstown. The country is suffering severe drought. Mallee bush and salt bush paddocks dominated our views. There were many, many deserted and very neglected homes. One example was so very severe that I couldn't bare to photograph it. All buildings were literally falling down with the rafters and thatch slipping into the sheds contents of rusted machinery. The people who had tried to farm the area would have long left with broken hearts and broken backs with no rewards for their years of hard toil with little hope.

We lunched and purchased a few groceries in Morgan The Ferry brought us across the River Murray. Our camp for the night is here in the Morgan Conservation park on the banks the mighty river. Whistling Kites can be heard constantly over head. I even saw one flying after a crow. While we were enjoying lunch we watched a magnificent pelican flying in to land on the water. It reminded us very much of a plane coming slowly down to land.

Steep cliffs along the Murray

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