Saturday, September 7, 2019

Safari 2019 September 7th

Saturday September 7th 2019
Yellow Everlasting Daisies

The wind did blow last night but it had abated considerably this morning and the sky was mostly blue. Off we went for a walk, taking the trail marked 'Kline Nature Walk'.
This took us through the surrounding dunes and along Lake Kenyon and across to Lake Crosbie where we were camped. The bush was dominated by yellow flowers of Wattle, Cassia, Everlasting daisies and 2 or 3 of other types of yellow daisies. We were able to have a good look at the old salt mine as well as the pink salt from the lake. John was pleased to have recognised the Blue Leaved Mallee again. I was weary when we completed the large (nearly) 6 km loop.  We were lucky to fit this walk into our day as it has been raining on and off ever since.

Near view of Everlasting Daisies

We called through Ouyen and purchased our holiday special of a Vanilla Slice. We ate our lunch in the park under a lovely tall Lemon Scented Gum which was massed with blooms. I doubt that I have ever seen this type of tree in flower before.
Tonight will be the last night of our Safari for this year. The rain and wind has caught up with us. It is forecast for the next few days as well.
We have settled in the Reedy Lake RV Apex Camp near Kerang.

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