Sunday, September 8, 2019

Safari 2019 September 8th

Sunday September 8th 2019

Despite the wind and rain we had a quiet night. By morning the weather was calm but a thick fog had settled over Lake Reedy. Our last day was uneventful apart from being amazed at the number of cars on the road. We did a grocery shop at a very large Aldi Store in was very busy. 
We lunched at a Rest Stop near Dookie then continued home to Milawa by 2.30pm. The closer we came to Milawa, the greener the pastures appeared. A bright welcome home. We were away for 8 weeks and travelled 6837 kms. All were interesting, most roads were very easy on our rig, a couple of roads we wisely decided not to take our van on but went along them with the Toyota only. Bitumen roads were welcome but some proved rougher than the gravel roads.

Fog over Lake Reedy
Unpacking and washing has begun and so ends another great trip exploring some new places and revisiting some areas that we were already familiar with.

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