Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eucla - Nullarbor

Eileen & June at Old Telegraph Station

Tuesday August 9th

First Activity this morning was a visit to the Old Telegraph Station at Eucla where sand has partly covered the limestone building.

Instead of travelling on the main bitumen road we took the Old Eyre Highway which is further north. We did not see any other vehicles on this gravel track/road. My mother nad father went to Perth about 1960 and this is the road they would have travelled on. The Nullarbor Plains at this point is flat and treeless with only saltbush and a few low shrubs none od which were in bloom.

Tonight we are camped in a camping area at the back of the Hotel/Motel at Nullarbor..the only attribute of this settlement is the fact that I have Ineternet/phone connection. It is EXTREMELY WINDY.

We are heading East now but with quite a few diversions.

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  1. Hi June,

    So lovely to read about your travels. Your beautiful description of the colours and the outstanding photos make me feel as though I have actually seen all of the wonderful places that you have visited.
    Continued safe travels and best wishes to John. Loretta