Monday, August 15, 2011

Home to Milawa

Monday August 15th

Unexpectedly we decided to head for Milawa..the sky had clouded overnight and our tent was dry!! A night out in the wet was not appealing. Rain first hit our windscreen at Swanhill and increased the further we travelled east.
The NSW country around Balranald reminded us of the Nullarbor Plains..salt bush and very little on the horizon! Civilization was upon us as we travelled the Murray Valley Highway. We have had a memorable 6 weeks exploring the Australian Outback. It was great having Eileen and Geoff with us making our days more fun!!

Our home lights were on as we arrived at 'Kyamba', smoke coming from our chimney and John A in the kitchen preparing dinner for us. Thankyou John for this gesture. We are pleased to be home but we are also certain that the 'Outback' will call us again!! We love it out there..the remote locations, the quiet and stars at night and the sense of discovery of so many interesting things.

 Safari 2011 is over and so is my first foray into writing a blog! Hope my friends and family have enjoyed it as I have.

Travelling companions at Ian's Hotel

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  1. I have enjoyed all the flora photos. My focus is always on birds and the landscape. I enjoy the flowers but am not too good at identifying them.