Monday, August 8, 2011

South of Mundrabilla

Sunday August 7th

Most of the morning was spent driving over the Roe Plains after we had inspected the ruins of 'Burnabbie' homestead. The eucalypt trees were really very pretty. Both kangaroos and emus quickly fled from our path.

Coastal Hakea

We lunched at Madura on the Eyre Highway. After which we followed the bitumen for 115km and turned south at Mundrabilla. This new southerly track led us down to the sea where a few fishermen live/camp at LowPoint. We continued on this track until we found a delightful place on the sand to spend the night. The waves can be heard as we enjoyed a large camp fire.


  1. Yet another most interesting flower with a wonderful array of colors

  2. That camping spot sounds beautiful! The sound of the waves would definitely put Dad to sleep!