Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Warburton along the Connie Sue Highway

Saturday July 30th

Kings Mill Mallee
What an exciting morning! The flowers in today's desert garden have been spectacular. Firstly a wonderful display of Sturt's Desert Pea along with large areas of Rosie Dock. The colours were amazing against the wonderful red of the sand dunes. The new eucalypt that John has identified is 'Kings Mill Mallee. It was a very prominent roadside tree in full bloom. (Susan you would love it..The flower buds and nuts are like Youngiana but smaller and slightly bigger than Pachyphylla..common name Red Bud Mallee ) Honey grevillea came in great swathes for us to drive through. The thryptamene was magnificent even a few bushes of yellow blooms which are unusual in the desert. We stopped a couple of times and walked amongst it. All of us found it difficult to continue our journey. It was all so beautiful

It has been a thoroughly delightful day and we are now camped, under a clear sky, near Hann's Tabletop Hill.

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