Monday, August 8, 2011

Rawlinna to Cocklebiddy

Thursday August 4th

We left this morning in much colder conditions. The winds of the Nularbor have blown all day. The Carlisle Road route through 2 station properties was slow over limestone rocks and general rough conditions.

Entering Carlisle Road at Rawlinna
The Nularbor Plains looked fresh and green after over 600mls of rain during the early part of this year. There were  also a few flowers blooming amongst the low salt bush and crop of grasses. The name NULARBOR actually means NO TREES (in Latin.) There are some trees but very few. It is one of the best known Australian Icons which everyone should experience. Generally the plains are dry and very arid but we have been fortunate to see them green.

During the last few days we have seen more kangaroos and today was no exception with several groups endeavoring to race the vehicles. Camels have been dominant but we saw only one on the horizon today.

This evening, because of the chill wind, we are in overnight accommodation at Cocklebiddy.

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