Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 17th

Quite a long day of driving. We met up with our travelling companions, Beth and John Harrison.
After some indecision we have camped on the Murray River near Waikerie which is in South Australia. It is a pleasant temperature but fast cooling as the sun goes down.

As we were coming through Mildura we got a glimpse of the Rotunda  which is a long standing memorial to George Desailly who lived and worked in and around Mildura. He owned a sheep property in the Riverina.  Another of my relatives from my Mother's family.

We enjoyed lunch by a very attractive lake. I had the pleasure of finding a bush flowering in a pretty mauve/lilac colour. I think it was an Eremphila sometimes known as a Native Fuchsia or Emu Bush.

Late in the evening we made arrangements to meet Cynthia and David in Burra tomorrow morning. It is a little over 100 km from here. They are on their way home from an inland trip and were chased by rain down Goog's Track. the rain has followed them all the way.


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