Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 25th
 The wind last night blew in gusts through the desert oaks, in fact the morning was quite cold.
A couple of dingoes were circling our doubt waiting for us to go so they could check the area for food scraps. A disappointing wait for them!
The corrugations continued, on the Great Central Road, until we crossed the border into Western Australia.. The road improved markedly and made for much 
more enjoyable driving. We were able to enjoy the beautiful Petermann ranges and the Schwerin Crescent of hills.  The bush consisted of a wonderful variety of growth Mallee trees, Acacias, Grevillias, Desert bloodwoods , Ghost gums and one lone Currajong tree, to mention a few. The variety of landscape was remarkable with wide flat areas and low hills as we travelled the seemingly never ending road with an occasional mirage.

We called at the Warburton Roadhouse and Art gallery. Some of the art which has been done by Aboriginal artists is quite innovative. There were paintings, huge glass bowls, basketry and huge felted wall hangings with wonderful colours.
 We camped a little way out of Warburton in the mulgas by the roadside.
Len Beadell's Ghost Gum with Petermann Ranges in background

Great Central Road meets the horizon

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