Monday, June 22, 2015

June 21st
    A wonderful sunrise with a clear blue sky to follow. The camp at Beresford, on the Old Ghan Line, was peaceful amongst the bush of Acacia trees. This morning we headed for William Creek stopping along the way to look at Cunningham’s Parrot Pea which was growing in abundance on the dunes. I checked my ‘desert flower’ book for this very special bloom. I had marked the very first place I saw it as William Creek 1997…18 years ago and we have seen this wonderful flower many times since.
It is obvious that rain has fallen in the area. The stony desert areas are green with new grass and the bushes are also green, replacing the normal grey look they have when there is no moisture to be had.
Cunningham's Parrot Pea near William Creek
 We enjoyed the drive today through very wide flat areas interspersed with undulating hills and dunes. Mid afternoon we reached Oodnadatta which is a small place offering garage and store services. It was disappointing to find that the road out to Cadney Park, through the Copper Hills, was still closed with impassable areas on the road. We have now continued north and west to Marla on the Stuart Highway.
Pink Roadhouse, Oodnadatta

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