Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 28th
On the main road at 8.30 am. These time changes are really upsetting our sleep patterns!
We had a wonderful camping spot amongst Black Oak trees which have very tiny nuts of 1 cm in size compared with the nuts from the Desert Oaks which are about 6-7 cm long. Both trees belong to the Causerina family of trees.

This morning we have been lucky enough to find a Kings Mills mallee tree in bloom with large yellow-cream flowers. The nuts are bright yellow-orange in colour.

We passed by Cosmo Newbury, an Aboriginal settlement which was recently featured on TV.

A track led us off road to visit the Bullrush Rockhole. It was a pretty area of red rocks and of course a few bull rushes growing at the edge of the rock hole.
Next visit was to Giles Breakaway, a huge and wide area of rocky cliffs with many coloured rocks. Two more rock holes for the day were Bubbles rockhole and Deba Gnamma hole.

Laverton is a small mining township with basic facilities. 124 km further south is Leonora which is also a mining town. We are camped in the local camping park for tonight. We walked down to a Pub for a meal. Many of the campers are here because of their enthusiasm for gold prospecting.

Kings Mills mallee buds and blooms

Silver Cassia

Bullrush Rockhole

Trivia for the day is the fact that the Great Victoria Desert (which we have been travelling across) is the largest desert in Australia and the 7th largest desert in the world.

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