Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 26th

We woke to a beautiful clear sky but what is the time?? There have been several time changes along the way as we have crossed borders and here in the east of WA there is a separate time to operate from.

A short while after leaving camp we realised that we were driving on the northern section of the HANN Track. The section that follows the Great Central Road.  Hann was an explorer of note and we are following a number of interesting points along his route. . Some times we drove on the old highway and some times we drove on very faint tracks to visit water holes. It is amazing how many water holes there are. They must have been an asset for Aboriginals in the area as well as to explorers travelling this way.

Mulga or Acacia Aneura

White Emu Bush
Yowalga Rockhole

Acacia Aneura or Mulga is very common. We lunched amongst a sparse
forest and now we are camped amongst a similar forest of Acacias. We set up camp early so washing could be hung and dried and we have all had time to catch up on notes etc. John & I will cook roast lamb for dinner. The flies are very nasty so dinner will be late. Today I finished the last meusli bar of a tasty box of bars my sister in law, Joan, had made for me. They were much less sweet, thankyou Joan.

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