Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Safari 2018 July 31st & August 1st

2018  Reflections Holiday Park Evans Head
July 31st

Looking up Evans River as it flows toward the Pacific Ocean
After a very cold night we had an easy trip today. It took 1 hour for us to travel north to Evans Head where we have settled into the Reflections Holiday Park. After exploring the township in our vehicle and then this afternoon we walked on a section of the 'walking track' within the township. This gave us another view and eventually took us out onto the beach- a total of about 4km for the circuit we walked. Fruit bats were obvious in some of the trees near the Evans River. 
The weather has been warm, but again I think we should expect a cold night again.

August 1st
Washing Day....which is easy at home but in a Park Laundry...
*first the carrying of everything to the laundry
* joining the queue for a washing machine
* chatting to everyone else in the laundry
*loading the machine with clothes, soap and coins 4X $1 coins
* about an hour later ..clothes are pegged on the line. The basket is so heavy John usually helps me. Great to have this weekly chore behind us .

'Modern day' lighthouse at Evans Heads
We set out late this morning to find an old lighthouse site. Each person we asked gave a different story. Eventually we walked through the bush to the mystery of the old lighthouse. No sign of the concrete remnants of an old lihghthouse. The bush, track and ocean scenery were great and we found a modern day lighthouse which nobody had mentioned to us. What a mystery.

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