Friday, August 7, 2015

August 7th,

At last I have been able to post the blogs I have been writing during the 14 days we had in remote country. We have been thankful to have a satellite phone to be in contact with John A. He and John found it easy to send emails to each other. They did have a phone call on one occasion but found messages quite reliable.

We left our camp before 8.00 am with 170 km to travel to Ceduna. Because of a problem 'out of balance' tyre we could only travel at 70 km per hour. We arrived at the Quarantine check point just prior to  10.30 am.  Immediately we went to the Bridgestone Tyre garage. We were booked in for the afternoon, but luckily, the workshop guys were free and started on EC right away. They worked solidly for 2 hours. Two tyres were patched, balancing beads were put into the 'troublemaker' tyre, which was swapped to the rear instead of under where I sit and we were away with 2 spares which would get us mobile in an emergency...all for $140.

It was time for an easy afternoon. Lunch in a cafe instead of my sandwiches was a change. Then we visited the Fish Co-op and purchased 5 packets of local fish..already frozen. Supermarket shopping was needed to get us through the next 4 days as we return to Milawa.

Lastly, dinner at the Foreshore Hotel looking over the Bay. This was a great way to complete a successful trip with John & Beth. We have really had good fun together with lots to talk about.

Sunset over the Bay at Ceduna

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