Friday, August 7, 2015

July 28th

Another great day which began with a bright and clear sunrise. The clouds disappeared over night. Strangely they are in the sky again this evening.

Even though we only travelled 38 km today there was lots to see. The wild flowers were lovely with many varieties in bloom. Thryptomene in dark pink, light pink, white and even yellow. Upside down plants showed their bright red flowers at a couple of places along the track. We were lucky to see a number of Desert Grevillias in bloom as well. The golden orange flowers are quite ornate.

The spectacular Saunders Range was a special interest as we explored it looking for rock holes and Rock artwork. The directions were difficult to follow but eventually John Harrison came on them both. 

We even enjoyed our lunch as we admired the rocks of this red and craggy Range.  While we were climbing around the rocks two other vehicles arrived. The first we had seen for several days.

After coming down the very steep ‘jump-up’ track we headed south along the Range inspecting a couple of gorges along the way. We drove further east to find a campsite near some lovely Marble Gums.

Early morning camp fire at Millar Range

Desert Grevillia

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