Friday, August 7, 2015

July 31st

To the east we travelled this morning, along the Ann Beadell Highway, toward the Ilkurlka Roadhouse. The road is an improvement on the Connie Sue Highway. However corrugations are there most of the time. The day is warm with a mild breeze. Even the last 2 nights have been warm and this evening we sat by the campfire in shirt sleeves with a full moon beaming down from a clear sky except for a great display of stars.  

There are vast areas of the Great Victoria Desert that have been savaged by wildfire. I have come to the conclusion that there is only a very small percentage of this beautiful desert that does not show the scars of burning. It makes us appreciate the areas that are clear of black timber as our campsite is this evening.
Rain water tank west of Ilkurka Roadhouse

About 50 km west of Ilkurlka we stopped at a rainwater tank. These tanks are constructed with a shed over them to collect the water. This tank had good drinking water in it which is what they are meant for--- to supply travellers with the all important commodity of water. We travelled the last step to the roadhouse where we refuelled, filled up with water and checked out any grocery needs. EC had a problem with a fuel leak so John was able to rectify this before moving on. Gunta and Elissa, the volunteers at the Roadhouse at present were very helpful. Fuel cost us $3 per expensive necessity! I was able to read my emails but I was unable to post any blogs. We were able to have a shower and could have camped in the camp ground but decided to travel a little further.

The road was horrendous with corrugations and rocky sections. I doubt that I will ever drive this way again either.

Corrugations on the Anne Beadell
 A pity really as the first time we came across here the road was much better and the bush had not been burnt. The sand dunes are fun to cross and the bush was very attractive with some bushes in flower. To compensate we have a lovely campsite on red sand.

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