Friday, August 7, 2015

July 29th

There are many Gnamma Holes marked on the map, but some are difficult to locate. They vary in size, shape and depth as well as water quality. Today we were unable to locate Dinner Gnamma Hole as well as any of the holes above the Wallaby Rocks Site. This afternoon, in 30 deg heat, we went looking for Lillian Rock Hole. I think we have all lost enthusiasm for walking around the very rough rocks.

Several times during the last few weeks John has spotted large birds flying in the distance. Up until today I have been unable to isolate them in my bird book. Today I have researched again and we think the bird is a Mallee Fowl which is found right across the western area of Australia.

The track conditions have been varied today as we travelled the last leg of Hanns trip to camp here at Lillian point and turn onto the Connie Sue Highway in the morning. Driving today has been tedious for the guys. It has been very slow, mostly under 20 km per hour, as they have negotiated Mulga thickets  and the dry creek crossing of Waulfe Creek. It is so very easy to catch high branches on our rig as well. There will be scratches and I expect some other damage when we inspect its condition on our arrival home. We have actually completed 2 sections of the trip maybe a rest day?
Flowers have not been so plentiful. Spinifex looks healthy in some parts and in others very stressed from lack of rain. Even some trees appear stressed from the dry conditions. Overall we have seen very few animals and birds. Maybe this is lack of water or maybe they are being caught by wild cats or dogs..not that we have seen any of the latter in the bush we have travelled.

John Harrison has a flat tyre this evening which is not surprising with all the spiky mulga sticks on the edge of the track we have travelled.

Morning cuppa at Wallaby Rocks

Point Lillian

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