Saturday, August 8, 2015

August 8th

Having said our final farewells to Beth and John we left our foreshore camp at 8.45 am with Iron Knob and Port Augusta in our sites. Actually we have had a very smooth run with much more confidence in our tyres. We decided to come on to Port Augusta and camp in the BIG 4 Camping Park. The attraction of another hot shower from Murray River water swayed our decision.

We followed the large pipe line carrying this water. It ran alongside the road for much of the day. Ceduna and Port Augusta are both such a long way to take water. It comes from Morgan, on the Murray River, in South Australia. I keep thinking that some of it probably fell at Milawa!

Water pipe in the bush near the road.
The Eyre Highway is very pretty with many large mallee trees in the bush. This bush is very similar to the Mallee scenery in Victoria when we drive through wheat lands. The crops all look green and even, so rains must have fallen at the right time. Canola crops are bright yellow with their spectacular blooms

Today we met several wide loads transporting machinery westward..maybe to mining areas. Two trucks were carrying front end loader buckets. They took up much of the road. They had a Police escort speaking over Channel 40 asking oncoming traffic to stop at the side of the road and 'give way' to them.

The weather has been quite warm again with 20 deg. I think we are in for a shock of cold when we return to NE Victoria
Mallee trees on the Eyre Highway
Water pipe runs near the Eyre Highway

Tonight we plan a meal of King George Whiting locally caught around Ceduna. John is going to cook it in the very clean 'camp kitchen'

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