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July 24th

At 9.00am we departed from Laverton. EC was packed very full for this big step of our Safari. During the next 10 days or so we have planned to follow the track of Explorer Frank Hanns. There has been a small book written to guide travellers along the route that Hanns took. It was written by Ian Elliot. I have inserted several pages from this book for general reading. I am sorry the placement and order of these pages is not perfect but this program does not always do as I wish it to! Hopefully you can read it all. Let me know please.

  Hanns lived for 15 years near Laverton with his faithful aboriginal companion Talbot. They lived in a tent, with little to shelter them, under a black oak tree. This was the first and very important ‘point of interest’ that we visited. They carved their initials in the tree. Sometime later a metal sign was nailed to the tree. Nearby Frank’s little dog Scamp was buried.

We followed the Ann Beadell Road all day. Some sections of it were better than others which were badly corrugated. The bushland trees and flowers made driving interesting  and attractive. A large proportion was low arid bush but their were sections of beautiful trees and bushes in bloom. These included  native oak trees, blue bush, mallee trees, cassia and wattle. The cassia made a very attractive display of yellow amongst the green.

John, Beth & John at Kidman's Cairn
We followed the route and visited several gnamma holes and climbed a break away where there had been a cairn built in honour of Sir Sydney Kidman who was a friend of Frank Hann. We did pass the grader late in the day. He has a lot of work to do to make this road more attractive for general use.
Sunday Point where we camped
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