Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16th.
 Take off time was approx. 10.30 am. As always we were glad to drive out the gate..having said that I know we will be glad to drive back through this gate mid September. A very foggy morning was followed by a very grey day with only a little sun while travelling north of Bendigo. Our track has taken us westward from Milawa and tonight we are camped in  the Kooyoora State Park near Inglewood. It has huge granite rocks which the fog descended on about 4.00 pm. One of the dominant eucalypts is Blakely's Red Gum which grows near Beechworth and another is the Red Iron Bark which can be seen in the Chiltern Forest..you can imagine we feel very much at home. We walked a short distance to Melville's Cave. Melville was a young outlaw during the 1850s Gold Rush days of this area.
PS a hint...Click on the Location tab on the right which should give the location of where we are this evening.

Midday reflections at Waranga Basin

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