Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 31st

It seemed quite a long day because the 2 wheel track was so rough with similar desert conditions all day. We came across several windmills, tanks and bores with cattle enjoying water from a trough. Horses were galloping in the distance, a few camels and kangaroos as well.
The weather is fine and warm with cool nights..just right for sitting around a camp fire.
Tonight we have set up camp in the Nullarbor Muster Grounds at Rawlinna. District activities are held at this venue. There is a large space available for camping with showers and toilets provided. We have been invited to an evening of music and entertainment this coming Saturday but sadly we will have moved further west by then. Rawlinna is on the Trans Continental Rail Line and there is Telstra connection here after 5 days in more remote places. We have been nearly five days coming from Maralinga and this is the first time we have seen other people. Yes, Australia has some very remote areas.
Bricked water tank

Cattle drinking from trough

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