Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 24th
Our travels took us through cropping country once more. The roads were lined with beautiful mallee eucalypts again. I do love the shape of the mallee trees. They would be an artists delight.
The day dawned cold morning a clear blue sky. ..the sunshine at last.
 We had a busy morning in Ceduna with a visit to the Laundramat and the Foodland Super Market as well as  filling EC with fuel and water. Five extra  jerry cans of fuel have been loaded as well.

Loading fuel to cross the Great Victorian Desert
The highlight of our day was our meeting up with Beth & John Harrison who will travel for most of the next few weeks with us.
We will enjoy their company as well as some support if there are road or mechanical problems.
Tonight we are sitting around a camp fire for the first time. We are close to the Eyre Highway so transports are noisily passing. The Southern Cross is clearly visible in the southern sky.

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  1. great photo :-) We had a similar night recently on the Stuart Hwy, alone in an abandoned way-side stop