Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 29th

 The arid lands of the Great Victorian Desert have been dominant in the vista today.. Despite the beauty of the glorious star filled sky of last night and the soft coloured sky of dawn, there are few living things to take
the eye. We have driven past thousands of rabbit burrows but we have only seen one rabbit alive..many dead on the ground which have probably fallen to the effects of the calesi virus or a 1080 poisin bait. Very few camels, kangaroos or birds can be seen and only a few small areas of flowers and green shoots which are probably the result of recent rains.
Sadly there are lots of brown beer bottles which, we assume, have been left by workmen as there is evidence of mining exploration.
Despite the dry and remote conditions of the land I can understand how I have been inspired to stitch after visiting similar Australian landscapes. I will post a photo of a stitched piece resulting from a previous visit to the inland.

Sand and Sky

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