Tuesday, April 25, 2017

2017 April 18th  
Blue sky this morning but marred at times by smoke from burning off. It is a delight to see Mallee country trees with their distinctive nuts, flowers and trunks. Many rows of ‘sugar gums’ which are lovely tall trees with pretty orange trunks.  The tree we sat under at lunch time had quite large glaucous nuts. 
The small Mallee towns are interesting and in most cases well cared for. We called to see Barbara and Bernard Young in Rainbow. They are settling into their new home. In their front garden they have a wonderful tree with large yellow blooms which come after vivid red buds in groups of four. John has identified it as Eucalypt Ilyarri.

Wonderful yellow blooms of eucalyptus Ilyarri

Tonight we have arrived into the Wyperfield  National Park. Parking areas are widely spaced and well cared for. We walked to the top of Mt Mattingly before dinner. We are oh, so tired after a warm day.

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