Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2017 April 24th

Aboriginal midden site

A most enjoyable day which began with a short walk south of here to visit the site designated as 'Remote Campsite'. This is an area where you cannot drive to, but it was such a short walk that it would be very possible to carry light gear. It was a clean site with a drop toilet, BBQ/fire places and a picnic table. We were most impressed with this large open clean area. 
Male Mouse Spider
Along the track we found a small aboriginal midden site with a variety of tiny bones. John also noticed a Male Mouse Spider crossing the track. He became agitated when we came too close. He actually stood up and parted his fangs. They are nasty looking creatures.
The remainder of the day was taken in driving on several tracks we had not been on. This park is actually ‘riddled’ with many tracks..up and over sand dunes, across dry lakes  and through old properties which were farmed in early days.. as far back as 1860 to 1930s. We checked out a well and a couple of water soaks and the site of an old Rabbiters Hut. During a very severe drought, pastoralists resorted to catching rabbits to assist their income. This hut was built during this time and has now been rebuilt in more recent times and remains a memorial to those early settlers. The historical photos showed the incredible number of rabbits which were caught.

Early in the evening a short sharp shower of rain came across so it was an inside dinner tonight! The forecast is for further showers tonight  and tomorrow.

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