Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 23rd
A slow start after the big walk yesterday. With lunch packaged we set out to explore some more  tracks in this park. Some spots were quite wet after the recent rains. However with John’s careful driving we managed not to get bogged. There were a number of short walks off the tracks, two of which led to vantage points. The first was Kelly’s Lookout. This was a high sandy hill which was well washed leaving hundreds of small fossils visible. The Yellow Mallee trees on top had been burnt by fire but were now re -shooting from their lignatuber. The trees looked strong and fresh despite the dry desert conditions. We also had a little internet connection…surprise, surprise.
We climbed the next vantage point called O’Sullivan’s Lookout. It was quite a steep walk but worthwhile for the wide vista from the top, looking over the dry lake bed of Lake Wirrengren. Coming south we called at the Snowdrift Picnic area. Children were having a great time on the slope of the huge sand dune.

We chatted to the couple in the next camp who came and sat with us for an hour over the sunset. They are keen bird watchers so we had a few queries answered.

Yellow Mallee Tree shooting from it's lignatuber after being burnt by fire

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