Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Autumn Trip 2017

April 17th
This year it has been necessary to change our mode of transport. ‘Earth Cruiser’ has gone by ship to South America. John A & Anneshka have waited 5 years for this to happen. In that time we have had some wonderful trips within Australia so now it is their time to enjoy our special home on wheels.
After much discussion we decided to purchase a caravan so we could travel north and escape the winter chill here in Victoria and especially in the NE.
Tonight is the first time we have camped in the Jayco Starcraft Outback. We have settled in the Greater Bendigo State Park. The bush is dry and the Park appears to be used very little. Our plan is to have 10 or 11 nights away to really understand the workings of this rig.

John enjoying an evening drink

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