Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 20th
Rain was eminent so we went for an early walk around the Discovery Track. It was about 4 km and took us nearly 2 hours. The sand made walking quite heavy and slow. It was interesting because of the regular explanations about flora and fauna.
Late morning we drove to explore  Lake Albacutya. The track across the top was narrow and sandy and really quite remote. Around lunch time it began to rain and this continued quite heavily for most of the afternoon. We were amused to see the sign pictured below. Sand is easier to drive in when it is damp so the normal dry sand on this particular track must be too deep to drive in.
 The farmers will be pleased as their lands are dry and crops will soon need to be planted. We were told that some Mallee areas had up to 4ins.
On returning to the Jayco we were forced to idle the remainder of the day away. Rain is expected tomorrow so we will leave this southern end of the Wyperfeld NP and move north to camp on the Casuarina camp site.

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