Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 22nd 
A clear still morning with a few clouds. We set off on the Casuarina Loop Walking Track which was advertised as a 4 km walk. The sign said it would take 2 hours. We arrived back at our camp 2 ¾ hours later. It was a long and interesting walk going through desert country, dry lakes on a sometimes muddy track. John estimated from the map that the loop walk was about double or more than the 
4 km stated on the information sign. Needless to say I was weary as I don't usually attempt such long distances on foot. However it was a delight to see so many kangaroos and some emus as well as many different types of  birds.
This afternoon we drove over some of the tracks in the Park exploring further areas. Again there were several very damp spots on the track….it would be easy to become bogged.

One of the several types Desert Rose flowers
It was a relaxing late afternoon as we cooked a small lamb shoulder for dinner. The slow cooking was most successful. We used Jeff’s rectangle camp oven on the gas…even roasted potatoes and pumpkin.

There are a few people in this camp ground tonight. Many stay only one night as we have often done. However staying 2 or 3 nights has allowed us to explore the immediate area more successfully and ensures a slower and more restful trip.

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