Tuesday, April 25, 2017

2017 April 19th
We have explored some areas of the Wyperfeld NP today. It is a huge park covering 365,800 hectares. It has 200 native bird species and 450 native plant species. There are several Mallee trees which we have not seen before and, of course many birds and other plant species which are new to us. There is plenty to see. Generally the bush is dry, but most trees look healthy.
An unused nest built by a male Mallee Fowl

We drove  along many tracks, and enjoyed a walk up to the Eastern Lookout which gave us 360 deg view of the surrounding areas. The Yellow Mallee tree was predominant along this track.  We also enjoyed the Mallee Walk which was only 1.5 km but it was quite hot, today, at a top of 31 deg. A short side track, from the Mallee Walk, provided us with a good example of a nest built by the male mallee fowl.
This evening Barbara and Bernard Young came up here from Rainbow to share a BBQ dinner with us.

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