Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June 13th 2017

We awoke to fog across the Hay plains. We travelled through this fog which sat in a rather spectacular manner, along the Murrumbidgee River, until nearly midday. The day began at 3 deg with a top temperature early afternoon of about 20 deg.
The last of my shopping was done at the Hay IGA. The fruit and vegies were excellent so now we are well stocked up to cross the outback country ahead of us.
Ivanhoe was the last of the bitumen road as we headed for Minindee. It was a long way and eventually we camped on a Road Workers track about 40 km from Minindee. It is the first flat area, off the road that was suitable to camp on.
Just on sunset we walked across to inspect a dam. It appeared not to be used for animals other than kangaroos and emus and a small flock of Major Mitchell Cockatoos. I have noted their unlike the sulphur crested cockatoos at Milawa. The pretty pink under wings were very obvious as they flew. The only other wild life we saw today was a few kangaroos and a flock of about 12 emus.
The road across to Minindee from Ivanhoe is a dirt road which proved quite challenging for the driver. It is the first time we have really tested the Jayco for ‘dust’. Surprisingly there is little or no dust inside.

Fog on Hay Plains


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