Thursday, June 22, 2017

June 22nd 2017

We left the Currawinya NP this morning after getting out of bed to 1.2 deg in temperature. The difference to Milawa cold mornings is the rise in daytime temperature. The gravel road north was in good condition with even a short stretch of bitumen.
Eulo Police Cells which are part of the Heritage Walk
We were in Eulo by lunch time, after which we have purchased some food supplies and caught up on internet responsibilities. Late in the day we found the local rubbish tip to dispose of a weeks rubbish. We also explored the small township  which is neat and well cared for. The school buildings is quite extensive but I do not know pupil numbers. There is a hospital, hotel, public hall, camping ground, a Patchwork & leather goods shop, a General Store and a heritage walk. Disappointingly Paroo Yapunya honey was not available as the Yapunya trees are only in flower now. I did purchase local honey made from River Gums..what ever type of trees these really are..I suggested River Red Gums..but NO...River Gums.
This evening we are parked under the Yapunya trees on the banks of the Paroo River which is showing the dried ravages after flooding.

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