Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 27th 2017

This morning as we left Welford NP, our thoughts returned to the last time we camped in this park about 8 years ago. The ground was much wetter than what we have experienced this time. We got bogged on the way into our camping spot and we had enjoyed the experience of camping on the Barcoo. By the second evening the weather had become hot with a suspiciously warm breeze. We felt rain was coming! At about 3.30 am it began raining with very large drops falling on the canvas of our camper trailer. We got organised and were leaving by 4.00 am. After actually finding our way out of the park and crossing the Barcoo river on a very low crossing, the road to Windorah was atrocious.with thick mud sending our trailer from one side of the road to the other. It is a morning we have never forgotten. Hosing the mud off our rig was yet another experience!
 Thankfully, this morning, our exit from the park and entry into Windorah was made in a much more civilized manner. We will have the opportunity to explore Windorah and surrounds in more detail this time. 
We actually called here last year but it was very wet as well...third time lucky! We now think that we will move out of the Caravan Park tomorrow, and camp on the banks of the Cooper's Creek. It is a tidy little town of about 80 people. The airport is busy with regular services being flown in and the school has about 12 children attending with quite a varied staff of specialist teachers. Windorah is situated on Cooper's Creek in the heart of the Channel Country of Queensland. It is a rare occurrence where 2 rivers merge together to form a creek. The Barcoo and Thompson Rivers do this. It is the second longest river system in Australia, with Cooper's Creek eventually flowing into Lake Eyre.

Bougainvillea blooming in Windorah

Twin Leaves from the Bauhinia tree found on the banks of Cooper's Creek.

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  1. Try again.Weather looks great,how is your Hilux and Van going?