Monday, June 12, 2017

SAFARI 2017 June 12th

June 12th
Today has been great. It took us 4 hours to do our final packing and clean-up. We were pleased to drive through our gateway about 10.30 am....a very foggy morning to leave. 

Our aim was to reach Hay this evening. However at about 3.00 pm we found a clean dry camp site off the main Cobb Highway so we decided to stay for the night. We are about 42 km south of Hay. A perfect place for our new rig. The surrounding country is covered with a type of salt bush and another very prickly bush. We went for a lovely long walk through the bush and the box trees. Across the Highway there was an Auction sign for Nyangay Station. The entry was flanked with 2 emus made from old wire.
The morning at Milawa was 1 deg and the top for the day has been about 17 deg.  I wonder what tonight will bring. The sky is clear so we will probably be glad of our generator making light, warmth and hot water.
Ready to leave 'Kyamba'

Entry to Nyangay Station

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