Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June 28th 2017

A warm morning. I was up early to do washing in the Park laundry...All done so off we went heading for a Cooper's Creek Camp. Prior to leaving we decided to visit the Windorah Museum called the Whitula Gate Museum. It is interesting to note that Cooper's Creek was actually named this way but over the years maps have abbreviated and called it Cooper Creek.
Central building of the Museum...a Rabbiters Hut...taken through
 the wire of the surrounding fence

In 1906 George Geiger built a boundary hut for the Rabbit Board, located 40 kms west of the town on Whitula Creek. The slab hut was dismantled and moved to Windorah in 1996 to become the foundation of the Museum. The hut and surrounding enclosure contained many interesting items including an 'outdoor dunny' , a twin tub washing machine, saddles for a pack horse and an old cotton quilt on the single bed as well as an old crocheted rug on the bassinet. The garden was immaculate! Water for Windorah  comes from Cooper's Creek. Each property has two delivery pipes. One pipe is for water directly from the 'Cooper' ...chocolate milk in colour, while the 2nd pipe delivers potable water to every household and business establishment. This water has been through a treatment plant, .
We came out to the bridge over the Creek and set up camp a little way down a track. The day has been warm but we have enjoyed the quiet and freedom to enjoy R & R. There are quite a number of birds about including pelicans, whistling kites, tree creepers and this evening a pair of red winged parrots.
We have now had time to look at the maps which will take us north from here. Some track changes have been made so we can visit a few places we have not seen before.

Is it a Red Back ???

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