Thursday, June 22, 2017

June 19th 2017 
We rose early very mindful that we were on private property. We were nearly ready to leave when the Manager of Yantabangee Station and his wife drove in…Pat & Sharon had the ‘inspection of windmills’ as their aim for the day. They seemed quite happy that we had camped the night on the property.
Off we went, north on a very good gravel road, in fact there was only a very small distance of road, that was rough, for the whole day. Before reaching Wanaaring we called at King Charlie’s Waterhole. There was a long distance of water which appeared to be permanently filled. It designated ‘Day Visitors Only’ which again seemed a pity as there was plenty of space to camp.
The nest of the Bottle Swallow at King Charlie's Waterhole
 Wanaaring is a small town without internet or phone connection. The store was quite well stocked. It was part of the Post Office, Store & Caravan complex which all looked clean and well cared for.    
The country is generally red sand and today a clear blue sky and a warm temperature up to 21 deg was very pleasant after 3.5 deg this morning. The bush was green with Mulga, Poplar Box, Bimble Box, Red Gums, Black Box, Coolabah and Leopard Wood.
We crossed into Queensland and went through the Wild dog Fence at Hungerford about mid afternoon. This fence is about 2 metres high and is the longest fence in the world, a total distance of 5614 kilometers from Jimbour in Queensland to the Great Australian Bight. Originally built to keep rabbits out of South Australia. The fence is now maintained to prevent dingoes entering sheep grazing areas.
 John felt it was a good idea to stop at the Pub for a drink and a chat with the owner who was able to answer many of our questions about the area. The settlement of Hungerford is green and well cared for.
Tonight we are camped in the Currawinya National Park at the Bore Site. The water, from the bore, is continually running by pipe into the 2 small lakes. It is very clear, warm and most suitable for washing clothes in!
Yapunya or Honey Tree in flower

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