Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Burra to Port Augusta

Today we saw many more of these very attractive eucalypts, in fact we passed by two plantations of them. I had gathered some dry leaves so tonight I am Eco dyeing. John has been able to identify the tree using his computer progam. We think it is a 'STRETA' Eucalypt with a beautiful smooth copper trunk and a 'mallet' type canopy of leaves.

Stone walls and buildings have continued all the way to Port Augusta. Stones are a distinctive building product. Many homes are old but others hve been built more recently to continue the historic appearance of this early settled area.

We spent time at the Wadlata Outback Centre. interesting interpretive centre clad with brightly coloured corrugated iron. The wonderful desert colours are obviuos both outside and inside the, tan, blue, mauve and purple. We followed the stories and historic facts tabling the development of the Australian Outback from very ancient times including the stories of the Ghan Railway, the Telegraph Line, School of the Air, the Flying Doctor and the Delivery of Mail. A poignant point in history this week with the death of the very famous Mailman- Tom Kruse who delivered mail to outback people driving his Ford Blitz Truck through the most difficult conditions imaginable.

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