Friday, July 29, 2011

Mulgan Rockhole

Tuesday July 26th

A day trip to see the Mulgan Rockhole which did not appear to have any water in it and to McPherson's Pillar. This was a rugged rocky outcrop high above the surrounding lands. The shale ranged from white, cream, tan, brown purple and mauve and appeared quite glass like.

Eucalyptus Pachyphylla
We lunched at this site and were entertained by hundreds of fire tail finches flying about the area and very close to us. We then realized that a nearby eucalypt had amazing red flower buds on it. John has identified it as eucalyptus pachyphylla. It has beautiful red buds, a cream flower and a large nut to follow.
It was all very exciting to enjoy this pleasure in such a remote place.

On returning to the lake we noticed a few swans in the distance and quite a number of ducks diving for their dinner. It has been a great place to spend an extra day. Both sunrise and sunset over the waters has been very pretty.

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  1. These are pretty unusual pods/flowers. Great picture with the blue sky. I wonder, were there less fire-tail finches once you realized 90% of them were pods?